Structured Data Cabling for Your Business

Live Wire Services: Structured Data Cabling Perth

Our expert team can assist your business with the planning, design and installation of category 6/7 structured data cabling systems.

We assist businesses by creating a single infrastructure that supports their servers, desktop PCs, telephone systems, printers, scanners and other devices. This allows your business to build an ICT strategy through the support of data, video and voice.

The installed solutions can be easily modified when staff move desks, or when business goals change. This flexibility enables quick adaptation to change, allowing staff to simply plug in their LAN cable into a chosen data point to get started.

We select high quality components and equipment ensuring reliable network performance.

During the planning and design phase, we will outline different options and identify opportunities for improvement. This ensures the structured data cabling solution meets business needs and provides an ample amount of data points within the office/business facility that point back to a central patch panel.

Communications Cabling for Your Business

We can install a business landline phone connection at your office, but the push these days is towards introducing telecommunications services at the patch panel. This enables cross connection into VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.

Live Wire Services can install your structured data and communications network with minimal disturbance to your business. Contact us >>

Communications and Data Cabling for Your Home

Smart Wiring

Live Wire Services offer high quality smart wiring services for residential clientele. Head on over to the domestic electrician services page for more information on our highly recommended smart wiring services.

Phone Line Services for Your Home

  • New phone line connections
  • Installation of extra phone points
  • Testing and repair of phone lines
  • Repair or replacement of faulty or damaged phone wiring
  • Home office phone line cabling

Data Cabling Services for Your Home

  • Preparing your home for NBN connection
  • Data points for your home office
  • ADSL cabling
  • ADSL speed and connection troubleshooting

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Live Wire Services: Structured Data Cabling Perth

Contact us to engage our data and communications cabling services including structured data systems for commercial clients and full home smart-wiring for residential clients.

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