Medical Electrician and Medical Fitout Services

Live Wire Services are experienced in AS/NZS 3003:2011, AS/NZS 3003:2003 and AS/NZS 3000 compliant medical electrician works, and we can guarantee our strict adherence to these standards and regulations. Our proactive and diligent team ensures medical fitout electrical work is performed outside standard business hours, in order to minimise medical staff disruption.

Body Protected Electrical Areas

Live Wire Services: Body-Protected Electrical Areas. Medical Electrician Services.

Hospitals, medical clinics and dental practices require extra safety measures in areas where low-voltage electrical medical equipment is used on patients. These areas are known as Body Protected Electrical Areas and include blood collection areas, plasmapherisis areas, chiropractic/physiotherapy rooms, patient ensuite bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets, recovery areas, resuscitation bays, doctors consulting rooms and nursing homes.

This excludes corridors and lifts where low-voltage medical equipment is only used in an
emergency, or for the transportation of patients.

Each power point in a Body Protected Electrical Area is safeguarded by a safety switch or RCD. This ensures that medical staff and patients are protected from a potential electrical shock.

Live Wire Services are very experienced in the setup of Body Protected Electrical Areas, having completed electrical works for many healthcare clients including Fiona Stanley Hospital and Genesis Cancer Care.

Cardiac Protected Electrical Areas

Live Wire Services: Cardiac-Protected Electrical Areas. Medical Electrician Services.

Hospital locations that require Cardiac Protected Electrical Area wiring include:

  • Cardiac intensive care units
  • Neonatal intensive care units
  • Coronary care units
  • Cardiac and Thoracic operating theatres

Check list

Live Wire Services ensure adherence to the following check list for both Body Protected Electrical Areas and Cardiac Protected Electrical Areas:

  • Certified once per year
  • Labelled accordingly with specific green signage
  • RCDs are a different size to standard RCDs used in residential/commercial industries and are local to the room in which they are installed
  • A limit of 6 power outlets per RCD
  • RCDs must cut out within 10 milliseconds, in comparison to residential/commercial RCDs, which cut out after 30 milliseconds

RCDs and LIOMs

Residual Current Devices and Line Isolation Overload Monitors must be quickly and easily reached. They must not be obstructed and must be installed no more than 2 metres above the ground. RCDs and LIOMs must not be installed under benches, inside cupboards or cabinets, and must not be installed behind heavy equipment.

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Live Wire Services: Medical Electrician and Medical Fitout Services.

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